3-pc Kokeshi Nativity Set


Sold Out

As of now, 07/2017, it looks like we will NOT be receiving any more of the 3-pc sets which makes me sad.

I have a few sets in stock that are slightly, and I mean slightly imperfect. I am offering the sets at a discount. The sets were $110, and are now $100. The 3-pc set I have for sale is almost perfect.  Joseph has a tiny dent on the front side of his kimono.  It is not noticeable unless you are looking for it. Mary has a slight dent in her hair. Once again, not noticeable unless you are looking for it.  Baby Jesus is perfect!   Please order soon if you are interested.

Thanks! Sharon


Original design created exclusively for Kokeshi Designs
7 inch, ridged body, wearing a blue kimono and a burnt orange obi with an interlocking diamond design. Signed by the artist*

6.5 inch, wearing a red kimono with a floral obi

Baby Jesus
2 inch, cream colored swaddling wrap and lying in a cylindrical manager

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