3-pc Kokeshi Nativity Set


Sold Out

As of now, 05/2017, it looks like we will NOT be receiving any more of the 3-pc sets which makes me sad.

I have a few sets in stock that are slightly, and I mean slightly imperfect. I am offering the sets at a discount. The sets were $110, and are now $100. The 3-pc set I have for sale is perfect except Joseph has a slight bit of rubbing on the front of his kimono.  Mary has a slight indentation on her left side. Baby Jesus is perfect.  Other than these slight imperfections the set is beautiful. I would not hesitate to display this set.  Please order soon if you are interested.

Thanks! Sharon


Original design created exclusively for Kokeshi Designs
7 inch, ridged body, wearing a blue kimono and a burnt orange obi with an interlocking diamond design. Signed by the artist*

6.5 inch, wearing a red kimono with a floral obi

Baby Jesus
2 inch, cream colored swaddling wrap and lying in a cylindrical manager

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