9-pc Kokeshi Nativity Set-sold out for this season


Sold Out

 11/17 I was not able to get any sets for this holiday season. Please check back in a few months and hopefully I can get additional sets. Thanks!

The Kokeshi Nativity Set is an original design, created exclusively for Kokeshi Designs. Hand made, hand painted and signed by world renowned artist, Hajime Miyashita. All dolls have peaceful, smiling faces. Their heads are bowed in a reverent pose as they cast their eyes toward Baby Jesus. The high quality set includes many beautiful details. This 9 piece set is a collector's item.

This is the original Kokeshi Nativity Set. The Joseph doll is signed by the artist* 

Vibrant colors and beautiful details on each doll. This set is perfect for anyone who collects Nativities!

6.5 inch, wearing a red kimono with a floral obi
7 inch, ridged body, wearing a blue kimono and a burnt orange obi with an interlocking diamond design

Baby Jesus
2 inch, cream colored swaddling wrap and lying in a cylindrical manger

8 inch, wearing a light blue kimono and a white obi with a beautiful gold design

Three Wise Men
1) 6.75 inch, wearing a dark brown kimono and burnt sienna obi with dark green and yellow floral pattern
2) 5.75 inch, wearing burnt orange kimono and a dark brown obi with yellow stripes
3) 5.75 inch, wearing hunter green kimono and a bold red floral obi

7 inch, wearing a light brown kimono and a deep red obi with a triangle design. Headpiece is also light brown with a dark red tie. The shepherd\'s staff is dark brown.

2 inch, white sheep with gold accent fleece

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