2-pc tall Kokeshi Nativity Set


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*Update as of Nov 28. I have one 2-pc Kokeshi Nativity Sets left. That's it for this season! On a few of the dolls I've noticed a tiny bit of paint (same color as the dolls head) that has not dried flat.  It does not detract from the dolls. On this last set, Mary is perfect. Joseph has a tiny paint bubble on the top of his head where the paint did not dry flat. You might not even notice it but my eye sees all! For this reason, I am offering the last set at a $10 discount. That is a bargain. This set is so lovely, so detailed, such beautiful colors that this small imperfection is almost welcome in a hand crafted piece of art such as this. Discount is reflected in the current price. The sets were $85 originally and are now $75. I would not hesitate to display this set

This 2-pc set includes Joseph and Mary with the baby Jesus wrapped in Mary's kimono

Joseph is wearing a golden brown robe tied with a brown belt. His overcoat is green and he carries a brown staff

Mary is wearing a beautiful blue kimono with a yellow accent in the sleeve

The fronts of both the dolls are carved giving a depth to the features of each doll

7.5 inch

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