About Kokeshi Designs

Our Story:

An avid collector of both Japanese antiquities and traditional nativity sets, Sharon spent many of her years in Japan searching for something that would represent both her interests. Inspired by an image in a magazine, Sharon had the idea for a Kokeshi nativity set. Working with a local Tokyo Kokeshi dealer, Sharon contracted with an artist to create the first Kokeshi nativity set. After sharing her idea with friends, Sharon found that many people shared her passion. As word spread, Sharon realized the demand for this unique collectable and Kokeshi Designs was born. Today Kokeshi Designs offers both original Kokeshi sets and one-of-a-kind dolls.

Our Founder:

After spending her adult life traveling the world, Sharon Larsen developed a passion for Asian art and antiquities. Through her travels, Sharon had collected pieces from many countries including Japan, Korea, Thailand, China, Russia, Indonesia, Malaysia and Nepal. Having lived in Japan for nearly twelve years, Sharon had a particular interest in Japanese art and culture. Today, as the founder and president of Kokeshi Designs, Sharon shares her love of traditional Asian art with a worldwide community of collectors.

Sharon at the 
Famous kintai Bridge

Sharon at the famous Kintai Bridge in Yamaguchi Prefecture