Inventory of Kokeshi dolls May 03 2016, 0 Comments

I am waiting for a shipment of kokeshi dolls, including the 9-pc sets. If you have contacted me, I will email you as soon as the sets arrive. Thanks for your patience! 

The kokeshi artists I work with are wonderful, and I appreciate them and their efforts to keep me supplied with dolls. All of the dolls on this website come from Japan, and are made of wood that can only be found in Japan. It's quite a process and takes time. But, the finished product is so beautiful that it is worth the wait. 

Thanks to my customers in Salt Lake City as I attended the Nihon Matsuri festival last Saturday. It was fun to have so many returning customers who find my booth every year to purchase another doll for their collection. 

And thank you to my many customers around the world who purchase these beautiful dolls. Just this week I shipped dolls to Romania and Australia. This is the reason I started Kokeshi Designs-to provide people with the Japanese art of Kokeshi dolls. 

Thanks again!!