9-pc Kokeshi Nativity Set October 10 2016, 0 Comments

I have been talking to the artist of the 9-pc set and he is stopping production on the set. I am very sad and hope that he may be able to continue making them in the future but as of now it does not look hopeful.  I am letting my customers know in case you have been delaying getting a set. I have a good supply of the sets but they are selling quickly and it is only October! 

This also means he is stopping production of the 3-pc sets. I have a good stock of 3-pc sets but they are also selling quickly. 

Just wanted you all to know so that you will be able to purchase one of these beautiful sets this holiday season before they are gone for good. 

Also, due to ever increasing shipping costs, as of Nov 1 the price of the 9-pc set will increase to $275. 

Thank you for your business. I will continue to provide you with quality kokeshi dolls and excellent customer service.