I get this question often......... December 03 2016, 0 Comments

Here goes: I'm in Tokyo and I want to purchase some of your kokeshi dolls. Do you have a shop where I can go to get them?

Answer: I do not have a store in Japan. I did live in Japan for more than 13 years, and I do know the artist's and ALL of my dolls are handcrafted in Japan. But now I live in the United States and import the dolls from Japan. It works great, you order and I ship it directly to your home or anywhere you want to send the dolls. You don't have to worry about packing the dolls in your suitcase and hauling them back from Japan. (I know how heavy that bag is when you pick it up at your final destination!) 

My business partner, Naomi, is in Tokyo, but she does not carry stock at her home. She facilitates all of the ordering and shipping to me here in the United States. 

I can ship anywhere in the world and probably have! 

So, let me do the work for you. I also gift wrap, which saves you time.

Also, most orders are shipping within 48 hours at the latest.  I know you are anxious to get your dolls and so we are working hard to make that happen. And by we, I mean myself and my sweet husband who knows his way to the post office with his eyes closed! 

Thank you for your emails. I appreciate my customers!