Customer Comments

Since we founded Kokeshi Designs we have sent our kokeshi dolls to the Netherlands, Turkey, Denmark, Sweden, Gibraltar, Czech Republic, Portugal, Columbia, Switzerland, Greece, Finland, Norway, Poland, Mexico, Spain, Scotland, UK, Korea, Australia, Chile, France, Italy, New Zealand, Japan, Mexico, United Arab Emirates, Canary Islands, Russia, Ireland, Malta, Canada, Brazil, United States, and the  Philippines just to name a few of the countries. You are buying our dolls as collector’s items as well as gifts for weddings, anniversaries,  Christmas, Mother’s Day, Father’s Day and birthdays!  We love hearing about you, what you love about the dolls and how you are enjoying them! Here are just a few of your comments.


Just wanted to thank you for providing such a variety of kokeshi at remarkably affordable prices! I ordered several from you and was very happy to receive them so beautifully packaged. They were gifts to my friends who did not know much about them if any. They found them beautiful, so I hope that more people will be interested in kokeshi! Thank you!  ~Manami from CT December 2016


We own the whole Nativity Set and can't wait to set it up for Christmas. We miss seeing you at the Yokota Bazaar (Japan). We got our set a few years ago. Love them!!!  ~Kai-Lin from Japan

Hi Sharon, I received the package today and I am so happy. I just love the Nativity Sets. (2 Pc tall Nativity & 3-pc Nativity Set) Thank you very much. ~ Agnes from The Philippines January 2015

Thank you so much. You have been so helpful and wonderful to work with. Thank you for your willingness to work with me on this. I really appreciate it. Merry Christmas and I hope we can do business again. ~Troy from Oregon December 2014 

Just wanted to let you know that my order came today. (3-pc Nativity) It is absolutely beautiful. Thank you!! ~Jennifer from California November 2013 

Hello! My 3 piece nativity just arrived. I love it! It is simply beautiful and breathtaking. So worth waiting for. I am not waiting for Christmas to display. Thank you. ~Peggy from IL  November 2012

The dolls came yesterday. (Yuzuru, M-1-L, Spring Dream U-76, Lacquer L-1-R, L-2-B, Syurei U-2-16) They are beautiful! I remember seeing the dolls when I was in Japan but they certainly weren't as nice as the ones that I just purchased from you, which is why I didn't buy any when I was there. Feel free to use my comments because the dolls really are beautiful. In fact, I saw today that some of the other dolls that I was interested in are now in stock. You may be receiving another order from me shortly. ~Mary from VA  November 2012

Hi Sharon: I received the doll last week (sayonara doll) and everyone at the high school where I work loves it. The teachers and staff are signing the doll for a woman retiring. She and her hubby have a professionally designed home and we think the doll will fit in nicely. Again thank you.~Carole in PA May 2012

I will be purchasing the dolls for my wife for Christmas. She is Japanese and collects the Kokeshi dolls. This was truly a last minute Christmas idea for her and I know she'll be thrilled when she opens the box to see what I am getting her. She hasn't gotten any of these in a very long time and I just happened to stumble on your website. Upong opening the boxes, I was just amazed. Especially L-1-R. Just beautiful....and perfect. As you probably well know, word of mouth advertisement is sometimes the best way to get the word out about your business. I just want to say thank you so much for the personal steps you took to keep this "under wraps" until Christmas. (Rob requested we not add any identifying labels of Kokeshi Designs to the package to keep the Christmas surprise) That means a lot, and you will certainly get more business from me in the future and I will recommend you to all my wife's family and Japanese friends. It's also very nice that you work with people in Japan to make this happen. I love the design of all your Kokeshi, and I know my wife will as well. Sometimes...small business's are the way to go. This was certainly on of those times. I really can't say enough nice things about your business and the way you run it. Thanks ~Robert from Stafford, VA December 2011

The 3-pc Kokeshi Nativity just arrived. Awesome! They're bigger than I expected! Hontoni, arigato gozaimasu! May you have a Merry Christmas. I'd actually been looking for a Japanese-themed nativity set for quite a while, and it seems finding something lik that is hard to come by. So when I came across your website, I was really jazzed. Seems like you had the same desires and actually did something to create a sought-after product! Thank you for your vision, persistence and adding beauty to our world! ~ Randy from California

 I received the Nativity today. I waited until my husband and I could open it together, so we could share that special moment of surprise. We kept exclaiming our delight. We were filled with awe. Our son (*) who married (*) from Yokohama will love it. It is a family gift for them and their son (*). We are shipping their gifts at the end of the week. I want to show it to some family members before we send it. I am so happy that I found your site. The real joy is in giving this special gift to our son and his family. This is their first Christmas in Japan. They will be living there for three years. I wish you many blessings!  ~Beatrice from Rhode Island

Today I got the nativity in perfect condition. It's always a pleasure doing business with you. Kindly regards from the Netherlands. ~Jan  (This is the second Nativity that Jan has purchased from us, even helping to facilitate the displaying of our Kokeshi Nativity Set in an exhibition in the Netherlands, thank you!)

I just wanted to let you know that I received my kokeshi doll in the mail yesterday. I really appreciate the very fast delivery and carefully wrapped packaging. She is so lovely and adorable and I couldn't be more happier!! She's perffect and exactly what I wanted and then some. Thank you so much for going to all the trouble to get her for me. I very much appreciate it and am definitely a customer for life. It's so exciting to know she came directly from Japan. Thank you so much again. I value and appreciate your friendly and reliable service. ~Noel from Ohio (Noel requested a special kokeshi doll that we were able to get for her from the artist in Japan)

 Just wanted to let you know we received the Nativity set (9-pc). I LOVE IT! It is my Christmas present but my husband was sweet enough to let me see it before he hid it until then. Thank you again! ~Kim from Japan

I just wanted to let you know that the Kokeshi Dolls arrived today safe and sound and they are beautiful. (U-40-12, Ninja Ornament) I can't decide which one to buy next-they are all so lovely. ~ Veronica from Australia

My package arrived today in perfect condition. Thank you for the quick delivery and great service. I will be ordering in the future. ~Ben from Florida

What fast service-I placed my order on Wednesday night and my kokeshi dolls arrived Monday morning. I am so pleased with them-the dolls are so well crafted and of fantastic quality. I was in Japan 7 years ago and spent a week in Okayama, the prefecture where the Momotaro folk tale originated, so Momotaro doll has special meaning for me. I had bought two kokeshi while I was in Japan, and always wished I had purchased more, so I was really thrilled to be able to add to my collection. Thank you for your great selection and speedy response. ~ Heather from Wisconsin

I have received the Yuga and the pink Ninja today. They arrived in good condition. I especially adore the Yuga. Not only she looks elegant, the painting on the doll is exquisite. I will contact you for another one soon. ~Karmen from Canada

My thoughts and prayers are with the people of Japan who have suffered an earthquake this month (03/11). I really admire Japanese people and love Japanese stuff. I have always wanted to buy 2 kokeshi dolls...but they are not available. When those dolls are available in the future, please alert me by e-mail. Thank you for your attnetion, help and promptness. I shall look forward to hearing from you soon. ~Scott from Texas

I just placed my second order with you. The first order was delivered earlier today. The order was filled quickly and arrived in good condition. As a long-time collector of traditional Hopi katsinas (usually referred to as Kachina dolls), I've also been interested in the history and art of Kokeshi Dolls for some time. Now, with the arrival of my first order from Kokeshi Designs, I've finally taken the plunge into a new world of collecting. Many thanks for your fine service. ~David from Arizona

Just received my order....Love my new Nativity Set. (3-pc Kokeshi Nativity Set) A great piece for my collection. ~Doriana from Canada 

I am a loyal returned customer. I have ordered from you about 4 times. And I love all the Kokeshi dolls I ordered. The last one that arrived the other day: the Kokeshi doll school boy with the school bag (U-35) is absolutely adorable. Both my wife and I love it very much. Thank you for amassing such a lovely collection of dolls and making them available through the internet. ~ Raymond from California

I ordered the large nativity last Christmas and used it as the centerpiece of a collection of Nativity sets in the display window at our church in Misawa, Japan. Everyone loved it and as a result, I know of at least three families that will be ordering from you for a set of their own. It is just beautifully made and I love it. I have looked for several years for a truly "Japanese" nativity and was so delighted when I found your website. I just re-visited the website and am pleased to see many new items that I did not know you carried. Thanks for filling a need for those of us who love Japan, and all things Japanese. ~Dee from Japan

I just received my Kokeshi dolls, Osanpo and the little Samurai. They're so adorable! I LOVE them! Thank you for creating Kokeshi Designs, for creating a way to let people have their own little piece of Japan. Thank you so much! ~ Anna from South Carolina

I received my adorable Kokeshi doll today........what a wonderful addition to my collection! Thank you for the quick delivery, and I will be ordering more dolls in the near future. I'm so happy that I found your website! ~Ellen from Nevada

The package arrived at the weekend. I was so thrilled. They were so well packed and just perfect. The surface of the elderly couple is so smooth it seems like ivory. Many thanks and congratulations on the quality of your goods.  ~Sue from New Zealand

I’ve now heard from family in PA that the Tomoshiraga figures arrived last Wednesday (impressively fast) and that they’re wonderful. Thank you so much for the dolls and for all your help. ~Carol from New Zealand

I got my dolls today, all in perfect condition. The dolls are truly exceptional! Thank you very much. I will surely order more dolls in the future.  ~Jackie from California

Just letting you know that the Four Seasons dolls I ordered arrived this morning in absolutely perfect condition. They really are beautiful. Thank you so much for your prompt service and I look forward to purchasing in the future.   ~Colette from Ireland

I just opened a parcel with your fantastic dolls. I am writing to you to express my gratitude. I opened the boxes and gasped in admiration. I was opening them one by one and what I saw exceeded all my expectations!  Thank you a thousand times, not only for your beauties but also for the way you treat your clients. I believe the secret of your success is dedication to what you do. I surfed the Internet for quite a long time and I can say for sure that your website is definately the best!!! It is so stylish, so logical and so easy to use.  Thank you so much.   ~Darya from Russia

I received my dolls today! I am so excited. They are absolutely BEAUTIFUL!!! I can’t thank you enough for creating such beautiful little things. They give me so much joy just looking at them. I know it’s time for Spring, but my Nativity set is on display right now and will stay on display FOREVER!!!  They are absolutely perfect. I had everyone in my office come over and see them. Sharon, they are just too adorable for words. Thank you soooooo much. I have told everyone in my family they are to buy me dolls from Kokeshi Designs for all occasions.   ~Rosa from New York

I am so happy to order the kokeshi dolls from your website! I was amazed on how quickly my orders arrived! I really enjoyed shopping on your website since you have such a wide selection of cute and pretty kokeshi dolls. I’d love to order from you in the near future. They are a beautiful dream come true! Thank you so much!  ~Angela from California

I received the Nativity Set yesterday, and I’m more than pleased! They are so beautiful, the best part of my small (But hopefully ever-growing) collection of Kokeshi dolls. Thank you so much for making these available. They’re wonderful!  ~Rebecca from Michigan

With Christmas 2008 I have two expositions of nativities in the Netherlands. I find it nice that it is possible to show there your dolls. Last year I had a exposition of nativities in Gouda. Your Kokeshi dolls were my very favorite!!!  ~Jan from the Netherlands

Thank you for a delightful shopping experience. Your website is very attractive and easy to navigate. My order was shipped very quickly which I appreciate, and the dolls arrived in perfect condition. These dolls are worth every penny as far as I am concerned, and I would recommend your site to anyone looking for a unique gift. Thanks so very much!

I just received my Kokeshi Doll and “Wow” she is just lovely! I have ordered other dolls from different companies, but I must say that I have been most pleased with the quality from Kokeshi Designs. I also appreciate the prompt shipping!!! I am excited to order from you again in the future. Thanks again!   ~Christine D

My wife absolutely loved her Kokeshi Nativity set Christmas present and couldn’t believe it actually came all the way from Japan!    ~Walt D.

We have enjoyed our Kokeshi Nativity dolls and have them on display all year round  ~Lila and Jim

I am in receipt of the Nativity sets and must say how pleased I am with them. My sister and I agree they are much better “in the wood” than in the photograph. You can get a lot of Kokeshi in the UK but they don’t really have the handmade look of these dolls.  ~Antony

I got my dolls on Friday, just in time for a big Christmas party. They are adorable. I love them! My son Mark has already spoken for them when I die.  ~Jeanette W.
(Thanks Jeanette! We love a good sense of humor around here!)

Thank you very much. The Kokeshi Nativity Set will be treasured for many generations to come. Arigato gozaimasu!  ~Greg

Thank you again for sending the additional Nativity set. It will look great with our Japanese decorated Christmas tree. I am so glad you had this idea and pursued an artist so we could enjoy this unique treasure.  ~Kimble

I received my dolls today…they are lovely…perfect in everyway…they are the crowning piece to my collection…Thanks again for your assistance in obtaining them for me…Again, thanks for a lovely set of dolls.  ~Tammy
(Tammy purchased the Traditional Kokeshi Wedding Set-Special Edition-one of our favorites too!)