2018 Nativity Status October 24 2018, 0 Comments

Just an update on the Nativity Sets. I have the 2-pc Tall set and the 8-pc set in stock. Both sets are selling quickly so if you want a set this year please order soon. I have just 2 sets of a very special set I received from my only female kokeshi artist. It is gorgeous and a bit pricey at $350. But, it is a work of art. I'll try to get that set on the website by next week. For all of you wondering about the 3-pc and 9-pc sets, I will not be getting those this holiday season. I'll try again next year but the dolls are getting harder to get so I'm not holding my breath. 

Thank you for your continued emails and interest in my kokeshi dolls. They are unique and beautiful and I love them! Glad you do too!

Happy Fall