Moon Viewing September 22 2012, 0 Comments

The people of Japan have been admiring the moon since ancient times. Many in Japan enjoy moon viewing parties called tsukimi during mid-to-late September. Modern day tsukimi are for enjoying the beautiful moon with friends. However, during ancient times, tsukimi was a solemn occasion when farmers "prayed" to the moon for a bountiful harvest by offering mochi dumplings with pampas grasses. Regardless of ancient superstitions, the full moon is especially beautiful this time of the year mostly because the late summer air tends to be very clear.

We have a beautiful moon viewing kokeshi doll in a washed blue color. The moon is the color of the natural wood. The carved pampas grass is beautifully silhouetted in the moon. You can find her in the girls catagory, U-2-16.