It's a jungle out there December 10 2012, 0 Comments

I did some Christmas shopping in town today. It was crazy time. The traffic, finding a parking place, obtaining a shopping cart, trying to make my way through the crowds of people and on and on. It reminded me why I am an online shopper. I can shop anytime I want to, including late at night in my PJ's!  Online is my shopping experience of choice.

I love our Kokeshi dolls. They are Japanese art, a handcrafted piece of art. They are authentic, made in Japan by talented artists with a love for their craft. The dolls are significant with themes relating to children, holidays, nature, families and so on. They are unique and really beautiful. They make a wonderful gift can buy them from the comfort of your home. For a small fee we even gift wrap. It doesn't get any better than that!

I'm choosing them as gifts for my own family. Hope they aren't reading my blog. ;)

Take care and enjoy the season.