Vintage Japanese green silk obi with Crane and 2 other designs


Oh, this one is so pretty! This is a Maru obi made of silk with a multi weave of gold and silver threads in the 3 designs. It's 12.5 inches in width and approx 166 inches in length (14 Ft) It is in excellent condition. I love the Maru obi because they are easier to manipulate when folding for a table runner or to use to display your kokeshi or glassware. This would be absolutely gorgeous on a dining room table! The 3 designs are some of my favorites: the crane which symbolizes good fortune and longevity. The design that looks similar to the Imperial seal of Japan and the leaf and flower pattern. A Maru obi in this condition with this much detail is hard to find and I only have this one. I purchased it in a shop in Tokyo.

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