8-pc Kokeshi Nativity Set


The 8 pc Kokeshi Nativity Set is special and unique, highly detailed, hand crafted and hand painted solid wood.

Mary wears a red kimono, the color red representing  honor, happiness and peace in Japan. The baby Jesus, with His sweet little face, is folded safely in the arms of Mary's kimono.  Joseph wears a light blue kimono with beautiful wood grain showing on his kimono.

Three wise men in kimonos of green, blue and brown are carrying gold, frankincense and myrrh, all intricately carved in the wood. There is a bit of green detail at the neck of each of the wise men's kimonos. Such intricate hand painted detail is exquisite.  The shepherd is in a light brown kimono with a darker brown belt and carries a staff. Each doll has a reverent smiling face

2.75 inch

Two animals are included in the set, a sheep and a donkey, each with a hand painted and carved design. 

2 inch round



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