9-pc Kokeshi Nativity Set November 21 2016, 0 Comments

The 9-pc sets are selling very well. At this rate they will be gone in a few weeks. If you have read my blog you know that this is the last year I will be able to get the sets from the artist. If you ever thought you wanted a set, this is the time to buy one.

Also, a shout out to Salt Lake City-my home town! I attended the Holiday Boutique at the Buddhist Temple on Saturday. It was so good to see many of my customers and also meet some new friends. Thank you for stopping by the show.


Earthquake in Japan November 21 2016, 0 Comments

My prayers and thoughts are with the people in Japan after the recent earthquake in the Fukushima area. Especially thinking of all my friends in Japan including the many kokeshi artists and their families. Be well dear friends......



Salt Lake City Holiday Boutique 2016 November 09 2016, 0 Comments

For any of my customers living in the Salt Lake City, Utah area, I will be attending the Holiday Boutique 2016 on Saturday, Nov 19 at the following location:

Salt Lake Buddhist Temple  on 211 West 100 South. 

Saturday, November 19 from 10:00 AM to 4:00 PM

Drop by and say hello. If there are any particular dolls you would like me to bring, please send me an email at

See you there!


I'm back and shipping will start tomorrow October 30 2016, 0 Comments

I am back from my trip. What a wonderful adventure I had! Thanks for your patience on shipping. Orders will begin being shipped tomorrow, Oct 31. There are a lot of orders to go out so it will take me 2 days. I will be sending out shipping confirmations once your order ships. 

Also, I have another shipment of kokeshi dolls arriving this week. Included in the shipment are 6 very special Kokeshi Nativity Sets. The artist has requested I not add them to the website. If you are interested in seeing the set, please email me at and once the shipment arrives, I will send you a picture. The set is unique and beautiful. The artist, a woman, is talented and her work is exquisite. I am so happy that she trusts me to sell her beautiful work. 

Just a reminder that the 9-pc Kokeshi Nativity Set price will increase on Nov 1. 

Thanks as always for your business. I appreciate you!



Just a reminder October 24 2016, 0 Comments

Just a reminder that that I am currently traveling on business. Any orders placed since Oct 20 will not ship until Oct 31. I will send you a shipping confirmation as soon as your order ships. 

Thanks so much!


A Little Bit of this and that October 18 2016, 0 Comments

Wow, since my last blog post I have seen an increase in the sale of the 9-pc Kokeshi Nativity Set. I am happy that so many of you are purchasing the beautiful set. You will love it, I know. 

I am going on a short vacation of 1 week, leaving on Thursday, Oct 20, returning back to the office on October 28. Any order placed during that time will not ship until I return. Go ahead and order, I will have my laptop with me on the trip. You will see your order has been accepted and authorized but I won't ship until I get back. Once your order ships you will receive a shipping confirmation with the tracking number. Don't forget that  the price of the 9-pc will increase on Nov 1

Thank you so very much! You are wonderful customers. Enjoy Fall, I know I'm going too!


9-pc Kokeshi Nativity Set October 10 2016, 0 Comments

I have been talking to the artist of the 9-pc set and he is stopping production on the set. I am very sad and hope that he may be able to continue making them in the future but as of now it does not look hopeful.  I am letting my customers know in case you have been delaying getting a set. I have a good supply of the sets but they are selling quickly and it is only October! 

This also means he is stopping production of the 3-pc sets. I have a good stock of 3-pc sets but they are also selling quickly. 

Just wanted you all to know so that you will be able to purchase one of these beautiful sets this holiday season before they are gone for good. 

Also, due to ever increasing shipping costs, as of Nov 1 the price of the 9-pc set will increase to $275. 

Thank you for your business. I will continue to provide you with quality kokeshi dolls and excellent customer service. 


4 Boxes have arrived July 18 2016, 0 Comments

The first boxes of the shipment have arrived. I'm adding the dolls to the website now. Included in the shipment are the 8-pc Nativity and the 2-pc color Nativity. I know many of you have been waiting for those sets.

More information to follow! 

Boxes have Shipped! July 16 2016, 0 Comments

I know many of you have been waiting for this shipment of kokeshi dolls. Me too!

Four large boxes are on their way and expected to arrive this week. I should have dolls on the website by the first of the following week. If you ask to be contacted when the 9-pc set arrived, and indeed they do arrive, I will be sending you an email. 

Thank you all for your patience. Can't wait for the dolls!!

Inventory of Kokeshi dolls May 03 2016, 0 Comments

I am waiting for a shipment of kokeshi dolls, including the 9-pc sets. If you have contacted me, I will email you as soon as the sets arrive. Thanks for your patience! 

The kokeshi artists I work with are wonderful, and I appreciate them and their efforts to keep me supplied with dolls. All of the dolls on this website come from Japan, and are made of wood that can only be found in Japan. It's quite a process and takes time. But, the finished product is so beautiful that it is worth the wait. 

Thanks to my customers in Salt Lake City as I attended the Nihon Matsuri festival last Saturday. It was fun to have so many returning customers who find my booth every year to purchase another doll for their collection. 

And thank you to my many customers around the world who purchase these beautiful dolls. Just this week I shipped dolls to Romania and Australia. This is the reason I started Kokeshi Designs-to provide people with the Japanese art of Kokeshi dolls. 

Thanks again!!

Valentine's Day in Japan February 12 2016, 0 Comments

Valentine's Day in Japan is a bit different than in many other places in the world. Here, women are expected to give gifts (usually chocolates) to men on Valentine's Day. During this time of year, many Japanese department stores are filled with girls purchasing chocolates. When Valentine's Day was first introduced to Japan, it was presented as a day when women without boyfriends could confess their attraction to their favorite men with a gift of sweets. Chocolates were also given to boyfriends and husbands as a way of expressing affection. As time passed, customs changed. Women of all ages not only give Valentine's Day gifts to their loved ones (which were now called honmei-choco or "true love chocolates), they also began giving smaller gifts to fathers, male co-workers and classmates. Today, it is not surprising for a Japanese woman to buy 10 to 20 giri-chocolates for distribution around the office or the classroom. Although this interesting Japanese ritual may seem one-sided to many, this is not necessarily so. Any male who receives a Valentine's Day chocolate~regardless of whether it was a honmei or a giri chocolate-is expected to prepare for a holiday called "White Day" on March 14. During White Day, men are expected to return the favor--tenfold!!

Happy New Year! December 31 2015, 0 Comments

Wishing all of my customers a healthy and happy New Year!  Thank you for your business!

A special New Year wish to all of the Japanese Kokeshi artists. They are talented people who love what they do. I am honored to be able to share your beautiful artistry with the world. 

Happy New Year to my business partner and Japanese "sister", Naomi. Who could have known that when we met over 10 years ago to find an artist to design a Kokeshi Nativity Set, it would lead to our business, Kokeshi Designs. Thanks Naomi. I wish you a healthy New Year. 

Lastly, Happy New Year to my family. My husband Tim who helps me with anything I need including  many, many trips to the post office. I love you. And to my computer wizard son, Scott. Thank you so much. 

Here's to 2016. It's going to be a great year!

Merry Christmas Eve! December 24 2015, 0 Comments

Merry Christmas Eve to my many customers, old and new around the world. May your holiday season be happy and joyous. 

I wish for all of you a wonderful Christmas and a happy and prosperous New Year!

Thank you for your business. This year I sold out of many of the Kokeshi Nativity Sets. If you were not able to order a set that you wanted, please check back in the spring when all of the Kokeshi Nativity Sets will be back in stock. 


Only a few 9-pc sets left December 21 2015, 0 Comments

If you are thinking about purchasing the 9-pc set this holiday season, don't delay!  I only have a few sets left. 

The Kokeshi Nativity sets are unique and beautiful. You will love it!


Countdown to Christmas December 19 2015, 0 Comments

It's the countdown to Christmas. I am shipping daily to get your kokeshi dolls to you before Christmas if at all possible. It's fun! The folks at the post office are my friends. They don't even ask me what's in my boxes anymore because they already know. In fact, some of them have even purchased my dolls. 

If you have any questions about my kokeshi dolls or your order or anything related to kokeshi dolls, please send me an email through the contact spot on the website. I will respond as quickly as possible. 

My customers are the best! Many of you feel like friends. It's the reason I search for beautiful kokeshi dolls to add to the website. And why I try and give you the best customer service on the internet.

Kokeshi Designs is a small company, basically run by 2 friends, myself and Naomi who is in Japan. And my family of course, but more on them later. 

So, if you are still looking for that perfect, unique gift, please consider a kokeshi doll. You won't be sorry! 

9-pc set of 3-pc set??? December 15 2015, 0 Comments

I had a great question from a customer today. He wanted to purchase the 3-pc set and then add pieces to the set in the future. Good idea, except.....I have a very difficult time getting the 9-pc set dolls separately. Every year I end up with a few extras of the set but never all of them. I'll keep trying to acquire them from the artist, but I would recommend that if you want the full set, please purchase the 9-pc set. 

The kokeshi dolls in the set are beautiful, each one hand painted. The set is art, representing the artist's life career. The attention to detail is incredible. I know you will love your Kokeshi Nativity Set which ever one you choose.

Thank you for your business. It is greatly appreciated!


It's not to late! December 12 2015, 0 Comments

If you live in the United States, it's not to late to order. Most orders ship within 24 hours after I receive them. 

Thanks to the best customers ever! 

9-pc Kokeshi Nativity Set December 08 2015, 0 Comments

The 9-pc Kokeshi Nativity Set is selling quickly. Please order soon if you would like your set this holiday season.

For customers in the United States, I am shipping from Salt Lake City, Utah so you will receive your set before Christmas. 

For international customers, if you are unsure of shipping options to receive your set in time for Christmas, please contact me. 


Holiday shipping December 08 2015, 0 Comments

December is flying by and I am busy here at Kokeshi Designs! I love to pack and ship my beautiful kokeshi dolls to send to you and your family. I do want to make sure that you receive your dolls by Christmas which is why it would be great if when choosing USPS as your shipping carrier, you use the Priority option. It might add a few dollars onto your order, but it is worth it. So if you can, choose USPS Priority shipping. Thanks! 

As always, thank you for your business! I appreciate my customers!!

Kokeshi Nativity Set December 05 2015, 0 Comments

My customers often send me notes to tell me that while the pictures of the 3-pc and 9-pc Kokeshi Nativity Sets are beautiful, they were surprised when they received their dolls and saw the beautiful craftsmanship and finish to the dolls. I say, pictures never do justice to the product. 

The 3-pc and 9-pc Nativity Sets are the original sets, designed (with my help) and hand made by Japanese artists. Although I am no longer living in Japan I maintain a relationship with my artists. They are wonderful, creative people who love what they do and it shows in the craftsmanship of the dolls. 

The artist personally sign each Joseph doll, something that is typically not done with kokeshi dolls. 

I promise you that you will love the set!  They are the perfect gift for anyone who collects Nativities. 

The 9-pc sets are selling very quickly. Please order soon if you would like one this holiday season. 

As always, thank you so very much for your business. 


New Shipment-Finally!! November 03 2015, 0 Comments

I received my shipment from Japan of kokeshi dolls. I am so happy! I know many of you have been waiting for certain dolls. I do need to get several new dolls photographed and on the site. That should happen by the weekend. 

Thanks for your patience. If you have any questions about any of the dolls, please do not hesitate to contact me. Thanks!


New Shipment in October 2015 September 23 2015, 0 Comments

Thank you for all your inquiries about our kokeshi dolls that are out of stock. I have had an order in with the artists for awhile now, but they are having a few issues and are behind on their production. I received word last evening from my business partner in Tokyo, Naomi, that I should be receiving boxes in the next few weeks. Yippee!

I hope to get most if not all of the dolls re-stocked very soon. 

I do have a great supply of 3-pc and 9-pc Kokeshi Nativity Sets for the holidays. Having said that, it's never too early to purchase a set if you want one this Christmas. Sales have begun and the sets go quickly. 

Thank you all for your business. I appreciate you!


Denver Colorado Cherry Blossom Festival July 01 2015, 0 Comments

We recently returned from the Cherry Blossom Festival in Denver, Colorado. It was fantastic! We made lots of new friends, ate yummy Japanese food and sold our beautiful kokeshi dolls, obis, pottery and other Japanese treasures to the wonderful people in Denver. Thank you so much for stopping by out booth!

We plan on returning again next year! 

Denver Cherry Blossom Festival June 19 2015, 0 Comments

KOKESHI DESIGNS  is going to DENVER, COLORADO!  We will be at the Cherry Blossom Festival on June 27 & June 28. Festival is held on Lawrence Street in Denver. Come and visit us! We are bringing everything including our Kokeshi Designs Nativities! Can't wait to see you there.